Offerings: School Enrichment, Private Sessions, Special Events and Videos!

We offer weekly enrichment, either in-house as part of a given school’s language curriculum for all students, or on a sign-up basis (such as after-school programming). Partners include: Extend-A-Care, Academia Preescolar (at Bouldin and Congress), School in the Hills (at Steiner and River Place come fall 2019!) and My Friend’s House CDC.

Don’t see your child’s school on the list? Let your director know! We are happy to arrange a free demo and submit a proposal to partner. Please note that families must be enrolled at the respective schools in order to participate in French-to-Music held at those schools.
MFHCDC Families may register now!  summer 2019 at MFH  |   fall 2019 at MFH


Interested to host regular sessions from your home, community center or a nearby park for your kiddos or maybe along with a few neighbor/friend’s families? Reach out today (you can also call us at +1 512-553-9183!)

Let Monsieur Petit Ours, the Puppet, and Madame Haleigh take the little peeps on a journey they will not forget! Sing-alongs, puppetry, general silliness (running, jumping, skipping, dancing (only if they want to, of course)…in French and English!) … and you will be baffled by how much French they have picked up without even realizing it! (Party favors? Take the party home with free access to homemade online practice videos!)  Reach out today at 512-553-9183 or email us your specifications!

  FREE VIDEOS for the whole family! 
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Why enroll my baby/tot in a language class? First, this is not your conventional language class! If anything I’d call it an advance-level movement and music class with puppet entertainment, where little ones get exposed to foreign language. Second, just because your little one may not be able to talk yet does not mean they do not benefit immensely from the exposure!!  In fact, quite the opposite: earlier the better!  Many studies link higher cognitive abilities in babies and young children who have been exposed to foreign language. The learning here happens completely passively, and without desks, paper or really even trying; kids of all ages (tots and up) get the jingles stuck in their heads without noticing…and retain them!

Is a background in French necessary? Not at all, everyone is welcome! English and French are spoken throughout sessions, so everyone is able to understand. We find it to be especially fun for parents who might have had some exposure to French in school but have been out of practice, as it is nice way to transition back in indirectly via their kiddos 🙂

How do I sign my child up? Please reach out via email. We have varying arrangements with schools (some we partner with directly and so there’s no need to sign up/pay, and some leave registration/payment to parents as an after-school enrichment program). Feel free to “like” the Facebook page if you’d like to stay updated with the latest news.

Will my child have to sing alone at any point? We encourage everyone to sing along if you’re feeling it, but never alone. 🙂 FYI no one is ever put on the spot or expected to recite anything alone at any point. No one is expected to memorize or is tested. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will pick up in such a short amount of time without noticing!

  +1 512-553-9183

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