Ever notice how you recall certain ad jingles from ages ago? Voilà, how French-to-Music works in a nutshell! 

We are a fabulous physical and mental fitness enrichment program whereby kiddos ages 0-10 (babies too!) absorb introductory French concepts completely passively!

Singing, skipping, dancing, deep breathing, being [still], puppeteering, running, playing [guessing and memory] games… infused with language concept based jingles (Total Physical Response method + song) and suddenly… we are reciting French concepts at the dinner table. We even do parties! 

One song at a time,
In no time you will see,
New concepts sticking in your head,
How fun and easy a new language can be!
With our puppet friends, guessing games,
Hokey-pokeying too,

The mysterious “sac magique,”
Some prancing about…
It’s how we do what we do!

(Total Physical Response method)

Registration is now open for our spring enrichment programs at Magellan and My Friend’s House CDC! If your child’s schools is not on the list of school partner logos below and you’d like us to offer our enrichment program at your child’s school, email us today!

Why French-to-Music? Food for thought.

  • Kiddos have a ball, and especially love the puppets 🙂 …often they won’t leave until hugging Monsieur Petit Ours (Mr. Little Bear)
  • They also won’t leave without French concepts stuck in their heads (90-95% of tots and preschoolers pick up and retain a new French concept every session without realizing it) For better or worse, parents often comment about kiddos reciting the French jingles at the dinner table… 😀
  • Many studies link exposure to a second language (or more!) to higher cognitive abilities in babies and younger children, which is well known… but imagine how much more effective with a jingle and movement in the mix!
  • Parents appreciate the added value of FREE home practice sing-along videos. They allow for some lighthearted musical fun for the whole family from the comfort of home (also great for concept reinforcement) and enable parents to see firsthand what their little ones are picking up!
  • We’ll work with you, budget wise. We believe an opportunity to learn, grow and put a smile on your face should be accessible to all — more of a right than a luxury, and should be reasonably priced. While we have set fees, we try out best to work with varying budgets, and those of families as well as schools.
  • Deriving pleasure and fulfillment from learning lends itself to more effective learning as well as a fresh, positive mindset towards learning in general…(1) We each carry within ourselves unique strengths/interests that we can usually more fully realize when we push ourselves slightly beyond what we think we can do. (2) Learning is a perpetual and evolutionary process of inquiry more than necessarily a path towards one finite destination…and questions are good! (3) Let’s embrace the beauty and possibility in there being more than one way of doing something, more than one correct answer and more than one side to every story!









Who we are

Madame Haleigh

Bonjour et bienvenue! Despite taking French throughout high school and college, tutoring French and Persian and being inducted in to Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society… unsurprisingly, it wasn’t until I was immersed in the language for some time (in Québec City, Canada and in central and southern France) that I began to really soak in and fall in love with the French language and culture. And it wasn’t until having my Sun 🙂 that it dawned on me… ‘Ad jingles! How is it I recall them from ages ago yet forget important stuff from yesterday???” Kit-kat bar anyone?

In 2015 I ran an “experiment” with several amazing mini-peeps (classmates at my son’s school at the time), ages 18 months to eight years. I had written a rhyme for every new language concept, set it to a familiar nursery tune and we “sang,” as I incorporated games, puppetry, some running, jumping, dancing, you name it (total physical response method) and a dash of general silliness…  Lo and behold, within 15 minutes, 90% of these brilliant creatures (age 2/+) had the concept jingles in their heads. And voilà, French-to-Music was born!

Pourquoi pas?/Why not…free myself from the corporate desk and plunge into the French-to-Music side dream where I can explore and ponder life and the brain with these amazing creatures called kids? In the name of going after what tickles your fancy and believing in yourself, cheers to a fresh take on learning together. Sure, everyone tells you, “the brains of children are like sponges,” but brains of all ages can be just as absorbent singing to your own catchy jingle, preferably with one another. My hope is that by diversifying the fun that we can foster a fresh perspective on learning … one sans the stress and maybe even the desk!  (More food for thought outside of the trapezoid.) ♥

Madame Lisa

Lisa is a violist from France who received her bachelor’s degrees in viola teaching, viola
performance and musicology in Paris. Lisa has performed with the Orchestre National d’île
de France, orchestra Les sciècles, orchestra Ostinato in Paris, and orchestra Sostenuto.
Lisa has taught violin, viola and music since 2013 in music schools and music conservatory
in Paris. During her training in viola/violin teaching, she learned that students love to learn
with a fun and engaging approach, and that it’s important to adapt and choose the right
method according to the student. She is also passionate about early childhood music
education, how to help the child to grow through music.

Lisa also taught violin group class in preschool and early childhood music education to
young children (3 to 5 years old) in France. She teaches private viola and violin lessons in
music schools, as well as KiddyKeys preschool classes (focuses on the piano, teaching music
concepts and music appreciation) and music education for young children throughout the
Austin area.

Bittersweet news: Lisa will be moving back to her home land, la France, in January 2019…and though we will miss her, her beautiful, musical heart will stay in ours!

  +1 512-553-9183

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